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Intramuros:A Saturday Morning Walk

The greeter in a souvenir shop called The Papier Tole. The sign says"Stay Happy"
After visiting Paco Park a few weeks ago, I decided to revisit Intramuros today just to complete my sensorial experience of the Hispanic colonization of the Philippines. Since every trip is a food trip, I ate lunch in Mitre and got some delicious Filipino food. I am pretty sure, the photos below will make you visit Intramuros again.
You'll find pretty structures, such as this building,around Intramuros

Manila Cathedral

Horse-drawn carriages or calesas available to take you around Intramuros

Souvernir shops inside Fort Santiago

Bullet-riddled structures inside Fort Santiago, war relics

Entrance to the actual fort

Lovely brick wall!
Entrance to the building housing the prison cell of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal
A view of Binondo, Manila from inside the fort city, Intramuros

Can't believe how thick the walls are in the buildings in Fort Santiago- just take a look at this window! 
San Agustin Church, this church was built in the year 1571
Mitre Restaurant, right across San Agustin Church-a nice place to get some refreshments. Below is our lunch: Pancit Lomi,Chicken Arroz Caldo, Mango Creme Cake, Chocolate Cupcake and of course, my afternoon coffee

Casa Manila, a museum showcasing a typical ilustrado (affluent family) house during the Spanish Period in the Philippines
Take note of the cobbled streets reminiscent of the streets in the 16th century

The Papier Tole Shop


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