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How I Make WorkLife Easier


I love my work but there are really days when the weather gets me down , the stress wears me out or the humdrum of going to work day-in and day-out makes me immobile on my chair.  I have to consciously do things everyday to lessen the stress and the hassle of daily work. Just what do I do...

#1. I listen to music while dressing up for work. 
#2. I vary my work outfits (#OOTD) just to have something different to look forward to for the day. 
#3. I walk outside my office for at least 15 minutes during my break, just to have some fresh air and get my blood flowing.
#4. I use a daily planner where I jot down things I have to do to avoid the stress brought about by forgetting or failing to do tasks.
#5. I use the alarm of my cell phone to remind me to stop or to start doing a task--this helps me organize my day and be punctual.
#6. I eat on time. I need to fuel my body at the right time and with the right amount to get me going.
#7. I keep a water bottle on my desk to keep me hydrated during the day.
#8. I take my daily multivitamins and FERN-C to get my body going. Subok na ito. Worklife ay Easy with Fern-C!  I take FERN-C kasi hindi siya mahapdi sa tiyan sa experience ko.
So, if you want to know more on how Fern-C can help in reducing worklife stress and hassle, check out:
FERN-C Facebook:
#9. The last thing I do to reduce stress is to find some alone or quiet time during the day, even for just 15 minutes. This exercise calms me down and provides focus to the rest of my day.


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