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Pork Steak Cinco De Mayo Sandwich

Decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today--on the eighth of May! I invented a sandwich--pan-fried pork steak with pico de gallo and guacamole! Muy delicioso! I made pico de gallo first- used my ever dependable electric chopper chopped together 2 small tomatoes, 1 small onion and a bunch of cilantro leaves. I squeezed half a lemon on everything and set this aside. Then, I worked on the guacamole--I simply mashed two ripe medium avocados and squeezed lemon( you can use lime for the authentic version!) on it. For the pork steak (thin slices of lean pork), I pan-fried 6 pieces of approximately 3.5 inch-round steaks (I used 2 pieces for one sandwich)- I flavored the steaks with salt and pepper. Then, I assembled my sandwich. I toasted 2 slices of whole wheat multigrain bread. I piled up 2 pork slices, guacamole and pico de gallo. When I took a bite, I was delighted by the different flavours--the creaminess of the guacamole and the sharpness of the pico de gallo. These 2 complemented the pork slices! ¡Definitivamente, un ganador!


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